A 6 week program combining food, fitness & accountability coaching to help you lose inches, gain energy and feel your best this summer  



We´ve all been there. You don´t feel good in your body and you don´t like what you see in the mirror. Summer is around the corner but the thought of getting into your swimwear is filling you with angst.

You´re feeling sluggish, maybe a little bloated (or a lot), your jeans no longer fit like they used to and you´re dreading getting into your summer clothes.

You´ve tried "working out more and eating less" and it´s worked for a while, or maybe not at all. Maybe you´ve been on a detox and had some results but the moment you stop sticking to a plan, the weight comes back as you fall back into your old habits.

Exercise plays an important role in your life or perhaps not at all but the thought of putting yourself through more gruesome calorie burning workouts fills you with dread, especially as it doesn't seem to pay off.

You want to get out of the yo yo cycle of dieting and being "super disciplined" followed by periods of "I can´t be bothered anymore" but you feel trapped.

You want to feel good in your body, be happy with what you see in the mirror and be confident no matter what you´re wearing. And most of all, you would love it to be easy!

I know exactly how you feel because I´ve been in your shoes.




I used to be the girl who spent every spare hour at the gym working out to burn calories and who wouldn´t allow herself to enjoy a good meal because I was too busy counting calories.

I was bloated, tired and felt sluggish and I couldn´t for the life of me understand how losing weight could be so difficult. 

So I kept trying harder. I thought that the reason I wasn´t feeling good was because I wasn't doing enough. I needed to do more: more workouts, more deprivation and more discipline.

At the height of my efforts to lose weight and get rid of my bloating, I was running up to 70km per week, I was going to the gym every day and I was obsessively counting calories. I was also miserable AF and unable to fit into any of my clothes.

I may not have looked "fat" from the outside but I felt terrible on the inside. My digestion was in a mess, the bloating was out of control and I was constantly tired and hungry.

It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, the results I was longing for didn't come.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Well, I was definitely insane.

When I finally hit a wall, I had to completely relearn how to eat, move and think about food & fitness. I finally learnt what "being healthy" actually stands for and I also discovered that our bodies were designed to be healthy, lean and fit.

The problem is that most of us don´t give them half a chance because we power through, ignoring our inner cues.


A lot of the time our failure to feel good comes from doing too much,  ignoring our most basic needs or doing the wrong things.

Today I exercise less but smarter by preserving my body instead of wearing it out. I´m stronger, leaner and more flexible than ever despite being older.

I´ve learnt how to eat in a way that truly addresses my specific needs and I no longer deprive myself or beat myself up for the choices I make. 

I´ve completely changed my way of eating and of exercising but more importantly than that, I´ve changed my way of thinking about food & fitness.

I´ve shifted from a place of hate, punishment and deprivation into a place of kindness & compassion and of WANTING to do what´s best for my health because it makes me feel good. And my body has thanked me a million times over for it.

I´m fitter, leaner and stronger than I ever have been before and I no longer worry about calories or pushing myself through workouts to make up for what I´ve eaten.

The reason I´m sharing this with you today is because this is available to you too. 

In my work with clients I´ve realized that the reason people fail to reach their goals, to lose weight and to get fitter isn´t because they aren´t doing enough.



It´s most often because they are focusing their energy on doing the wrong things and get discouraged when they don´t see immediate change.

Getting fitter, losing weight and feeling great in your body doesn't come from doing more of the same. It comes from changing your way of eating, moving AND thinking.

Your mind shapes your reality and your ego will always lead you back into your old pattern the moment you let your guard down. 

This is why working with someone who keeps you accountable and helps you make changes by addressing your mind, your beliefs and your pattern is the only way to create real change.

Getting fitter, leaner and more energized doesn't come from doing more of the same. It comes from doing things differently. It comes from changing your way of eating & moving but most of all, your way of thinking.

You will never feel truly happy if your strategy to feel better is to deprive yourself or beat yourself up.

Oftentimes having a food and/or fitness plan isn't enough because our emotions, patterns or lack of ability to plan and stay consistent prevent us from sticking with it.

This is where the power of coaching becomes essential.

Together we´ll dig deep into your core beliefs, your patterns and the habits that are holding you back from feeling your best.

We will go below the surface of your behaviors to understand what drives them and help you create new habits that are based on compassion and kindness, as opposed to guilt & fear.

By the end of the program you will have broken up with your old habits and created new ones you will WANT to stick with because they will make you feel so good.

Discipline and willpower will only take you a certain distance. It´s a change in your mindset that is crucial to make changes that are sustainable and that deliver the results you want. 

I will help you improve the way you eat, move and think. I will guide you each step of the way to help you shift out of your current mindset and habits to create changes that are enjoyable and tailored to your specific needs.

At the end of this program you will feel leaner, stronger, lighter and more confident in your body.

At the same time you will feel energized, empowered and fully armed to continue living a lifestyle that supports your happiest, healthiest self.








This program lasts 6 weeks in total and is spread out as follows:


During this 1 hour private consultation we will discuss your goals, get clear on what motivates you to reach them and what has kept you from getting there in the past.

We´ll take a deep dive into your dietary habits, your lifestyle, your fitness routine and your mindset.

We will retrace your history with food & fitness and discuss how your relationship with food has evolved over time.

We will discuss emotional eating and what triggers it in you and you will be given clear action steps to break free from it.

You will be given all the information you need for the RESET and I will help you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally so that you reap the most benefits from it.

This consultation will take place between the 10th and the 17th of June.

10 day RESET

This phase is designed to reset your metabolism, to boost your ability to burn fat and to get rid of any bloating by adopting an anti inflammatory low carb diet. 

You will be provided with a 10 day meal plan of seasonal foods that are quick and easy to prepare as well as shopping lists and prepping plans to help you save time. 

All the recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and made with real food only.

At the same time you will be given daily Pilates workouts to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body from the inside out and meditations to calm your mind and reduce stress.

I will be there to support you throughout this phase and we will schedule two 30 minute accountability sessions to make sure you stay on track. 

This phase will take place from the 10th to the 20th of June



This phase is designed to make sure you fully capitalize on the reset and don´t just fall back into your old ways. 

Together we will look at your personal lifestyle, your tastes and needs and implement a food, fitness and self care plan that continues to deliver the results you want.

This phase will take place from the 20th of June to the 10th of July.


The sooner you start, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits of a fitter body and a fresher mind.


This program is unlike any other fitness or fat loss program as it takes a holistic approach to your health and truly addresses all the factors that determine your success namely:


Improving the quality of what you eat is the single most powerful way you can improve your wellbeing, your ability to burn fat and increase your energy levels. 80% of how you feel is determined by what you eat. By signing up to this program you will get access to over 50 recipes that are specifically designed to reduce bloating, kickstart your metabolism and your fat loss.


Exercise is important but as with most things QUALITY of movement beats QUANTITY. By signing up to this program you will get access to over 30 workouts that are designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body, to flatten your belly and uplift your butt (and your mood) while being kind on your joints.


Consistency is key if you want to achieve success and we all know that this is the one thing that keeps us from reaching our goals.

By signing up to this program you will get a 1 hour initial consultation followed by 5 weekly consultations to keep you accountable and to support you along the way.

The best investment

How you feel affects every single aspect of your life: from your relationship with yourself, with your family, your friends & your partner to your capacity to be productive in your career or studies. By investing in your wellbeing you arenĀ“t just investing in yourself but in all the areas of your life that are affected by how you feel.


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