Because nourishing your body is about so much more than what you eat.








Hi! I'm Maddy


Just like you, I love good food. But I also love to feel good in my body and to be physically & mentally fit.

My life is a balancing act between nurturing my body with the sensible while indulging in the occasional naughty.

I´m not your typical Nutrition Coach or Pilates Trainer, as you may have noticed by the choice of my name...

Nutrition For Naughty People is for the life lovers, the epicureans and the rebels who are tired of a health & fitness industry that is saturated with rules and images of perfection.

It´s for those who want to feel good in their bodies and be proud of what they see in the mirror but without counting calories or sacrificing taste.


It´s for those who want to find a way of eating, moving and thinking that makes them feel amazing but that also fits in with their life.

It´s for those who want to lose weight and keep it off but without sacrificing the occasional glass of wine.

It´s for those who, like me, want to reap the maximum amount of results from their training while investing the minimum of time and without destroying any joins in the process (unless you´re having really fun)

It´s for those who want to feel badass and be fit without obsessing about fitness. 

Finally, it´s for those who aren´t just here to uplift their body, their butt and their biceps but also their mind, their mood and their relationships with themselves & others.



Maddy┬┤s approach to food, fitness & mindfulness has truly transformed my life. I always thought that feeling good in my body would come at the expense of calorie burning workouts and restricting food but thanks to Maddy I now feel (and look) better than I ever have before. Eating healthy has become a real pleasure thanks to all her amazing recipes and her workouts are fun! My belly is flatter, my body is leaner and my butt is perkier! Thank you Maddy! - Alexandra, Monaco


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